Creating Changemakers

Our alumni inspire the next generation as teachers, mentors, innovators, and community activists. That's true impact.


Developing Character

We underscore that intelligence pairs best with integrity. Our mentors model leadership, sportsmanship, and respect.


Sparking Volunteerism

We encourage and provide opportunities for all to apply their gifts to uplift their community through service projects.



Our programs teach youth to recognize their self-worth. We offer an environment that builds up rather than tears down.

Unlocking Potential

Do you know how young people can recognize their self-worth, gain confidence, and achieve their biggest dreams?

Akimet is more than just a nonprofit; it’s a youth empowerment movement. Through our national beauty pageants and signature competitions, we inspire students to celebrate their inner talents, intellectual gifts, and ability to make a difference. Our participants gain poise, public speaking skills, critical thinking, and, most importantly, college scholarships to fund their education.

We’re unlocking the potential of youth across America. Our events nurture creativity and leadership in students from birth to age 25. Akimet awards academic scholarships to help brilliant young minds achieve their college dreams.

Who We Are & What We Do

Making dreams of a higher education a reality

Akimet., is a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire, educate and empower young people by helping them discover and realize their inner potential. Our vision is to create a new generation of leaders who are actively engaged in their own lives and the world around them.

Our organization provides opportunities for young people to showcase their talents and earn college scholarships. Our mission is to foster self-confidence and promote healthy decision-making in youth by helping them to see themselves as winners, whatever their circumstances may be.

Signature Programs

Youth Competitions

Our competitions provide a nurturing environment for participants to build confidence and talents while competing for college scholarships


Dazzling Dumplings

Babies Ages 0 -24 months

Akimet profoundly impacts its volunteers and supporters

Get Involved

Let's make college accessible and empower tomorrow's leaders!

Help us empower more youth to succeed in school and life. Here’s how you can support our mission:

Support Our National beauty Pageant

Miss Prodigious

While most pageants focus on physical appearance and popularity, Akimet's competitions celebrate the inner qualities that truly matter.

Unlike some competitions, we focus on bringing out the best in people rather than pitting them against each other. Judges evaluate contestants on their academic merits, community service, and intellectual gifts – not clothing sizes.

Pageant winners receive up to $10,000 in college scholarships.

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