Pageant Rules & Regulations

To compete in the Miss Prodigious Beauty Pageant, a contestant must fulfill the following requirements:



Nurturing the next generation of leaders by emphasizing inner beauty and academic excellence.



Our platform is a beacon for those who aspire to inspire, leading the way in shaping a better future.



Central to our ethos is the belief in the transformative power of a college education.



Our competitions are open to all, ensuring no one is left behind due to financial constraints.

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Compete for the Education You Deserve
  • Contestants must meet the deadline requirements established by Akimet which can be found in the packet emailed to contestants after sign-up, or on our website.
  • Contestants who fail to meet the deadlines will not be allowed to compete in the pageant.
  • The information packet will include information concerning prize scholarships, special awards, apparel, fees, and other details of the pageant.
  • A contestant must be born female. An official birth certificate and state identification are required.
  • A contestant must be between the ages of 17-25 years of age outlined as 17 years of age on January 1 and cannot be 26 on December 31 of the year when the pageant is held.
  • A contestant must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Contestants must have paid all dues and pageant fees by the due date outlined in the packet mailed. Facing a financial roadblock? Apply for a need-based entry fee waiver.
  • Contestants must be enrolled or have successfully been accepted into a four-year college/ university degree program. Enrollment/acceptance will be verified with the school.
  • A contestant must never have been convicted of any criminal offense and there are no criminal charges presently pending against her.
  • A contestant must be in good health and can participate fully and without limitation in any pageant activities.
  • A contestant cannot be pregnant.
  • Any contestant winning the Miss Prodigious first-place title is not eligible to compete in that pageant thereafter.
  • Winners of Miss Prodigious pageants are expected to attend the pageant in the coming years.
  • Akimet nor its sponsors are responsible financially for transportation, room, and reserved seating or responsible for making such arrangements.
  • Board Members and Volunteers cannot serve in any capacity within and must have formally resigned at least six (6) months before a member of his or her immediate family competes at any level.
  • See the contestant agreement for additional requirements.
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